I know you read on all sites people saying things like I am a makeup lover, junkie, enthusiast etc. To be honest I only got into make up couple of years ago  and for many years before that I hated the thought of wearing a foundation thinking its bad for my skin and all that . Mind you I have masters degree in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and bachelors degree in pharmacy where I have learnt to make a few products myself and I still  thought makeup was not my cup tea. Anyway my thoughts on makeup totally changed when I got few stress spots on my face and I wanted to cover them up and bought my first ever drugstore foundation which completely changed my life.And what came along with me from my many shopping trips to drugstores and beauty stores is a history. I am now beginning to enjoy makeup and wear it almost everyday and I quite look forward to get ready in the morning. I want to share my makeup journey as I go along with you all makeup lovers out there and share my views and opinions on the products I use and  hopefully help you making a decision whether its worth adding to your collection or not. So, lets start this journey and get into it. See you in my blog. Love Shri xo